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Mew Years Resolutions from the Gang at the Good Cat Company

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We asked our feline staff what their goals were for 2018. They shared the following with us.

Penelope Ann:

"I vow to spend more time on the computer trying to catch the tiny bug behind the screen. I think it is called an arrow bug, but I hear the humanz call it a cursor bug. Whatever it's name, I am going to catch it even if I have to claw through the screen to get it. I also vow to collect all the pencils, pens, pennies, batteries and jewelry that I can find and sell it for profit on FelineBay!"


  "I vow to take as many naps as possible in as many places as possible so that I can be better exposed to the art of napping. I would like to get a PhD in napping some day and write my thesis on catnapping through the ages. I will also continue to jump on the backs of people no matter who they are and no matter where they are without them knowing. They always seem to scream, so I think it's fun for them!"



  "I will be more tolerant of others in 2019, especially Skylar and Baylor and I will not attack them. I won't. I will not attack them. Not even for sport. I will not attack them!"


"I vow to be the cat that I should be. To not harm any living thing. To love all living beings unconditionally. In other words, I vow to be the same cat I always have been."


"I don't have to do a mouse darned thing! I am perfect just the way I am and everybody knows it!"


"I vow to take care of all of my toys and not open the jewelry box and take all of Molly's necklaces and stuff even if Penelope tells me to take them. I will catch the red dot and rid the world of this menace!"


  "I vow to trust humans even though I know they are not to be trusted. I will try to purr around humans and I will let them continue to feed me no matter what."