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Magnetic Personality Hairless Hugo the Hairless Cat
The Good Cat Company

Magnetic Personality Hairless Hugo the Hairless Cat


Poor Hugo!

He's hairless and he's not very happy about it!

He doesn't want to look the same way day in and day out.

He wants a little fun and diversity in his life and you are just the one to help!

Using the magnetic wand to move the iron shavings about, you can change Hugo to look like the examples on the front of the package or make up your own.

There are dozens and dozens of possibilities!

Hairless Hugo is completely contained on his 4 3/4" high cardboard backing. A plastic frame keeps all the iron shavings in one place so there is no mess. The magnetic wand is underneath and there are directions on the back to instruct you how to turn Hugo into one stylish feline.

Hairless Hugo is great for any cat lover over the age of 4(and this includes adults, too) and can provide hours of fun!

So, get creative and give Hugo the love...and hair(or fur) he needs. He'll love you for it!

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