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Cat Inner DJ Scratcher Turntable

$28.95 $35.00

Put a new spin on interactive cat toys with this Cat Scratch DJ Decks!

Turn the living room into a DJ booth and let your cat or kitten spin out with this mewsical must have.

Made from tough, corrugated recycled cardboard and measuring 13.75" x 19.2" x 5.5", this fun scratch pad has a moving turntable and tone arm to help encourage your cat to exercise in a playful way. Help keep their claws strong, healthy and away from your sofa.

If you don’t want large, unsightly scratch toys littering up your home then it's time to change the record and get your paws on a Cat Scratch DJ Deck!

Designed in London, the Cat Scratch Pad enables your cool cat to spin some disks with major cattitude. Covered with cat smiley faces, paw prints, photos of fish-shaped cat treats, and joke band stickers ("Run DOG"), it is made of pre cut cardboard that you fold together according to the included instructions. No glue is necessary. So easy, even a dog could do it!

This unique scratch post alternative is for cats of all ages and is purrrfect for any cool hip cat!

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