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Kitchen Kittens Gray & Ginger Cat 2 Sponge Pack

 Kittens in the kitchen! Mine always gather in the kitchen whenever I'm there. Usually, it's for food or treats, but they seem to get a kick out of watching me clean as well.
And, that's what I love about these kitchen kitten sponges. They are actually working cats. Well, sort of.
And they do a tremendous job of it, too!
Pawsitively clean dishes.
Kitchen Kittens are here to give your dishes a purrrfect shine!
These cute cat sponges sit patiently on the side of your sink, ready to pounce at the opportunity to help clean up!
Each high-quality sponge is multi-layered with a durable scrubbing pad.

When it comes to clean dishes, these kitchen kittens are just the thing to make your cleaning easy and absolutely adorable!



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