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About Us-Something to Purrrr About!

Welcome to

The Good Cat Company

where we give you something to purrrrrr about! 


    Come in, sit a spell and enjoy yourself!  Pour yourself a cup of tea and relax....... We'd like to tell you a little about our family and our feline owned and operated company.

     With the help of our humans, we are located in West Hills, CA and have been in online retail since 1998 with cats and customer service being our main concern. We want you to be happy with your experience, because when you're happy, we're happy!  We want to give you something to purrrr about!

So, here at The Good Cat Company, we want you to be purrr-fectly happy with all your purrrr-chases.

      We offer the best in cat inspired merchandise on the planet and are constantly adding new things.....things you won't find anywhere else.

We ship every day Monday through Saturday because we know how important your purchases are to you. We ship within 24 hours of your payment and sometimes even ship the same day!

In fact you never know what you're going to find at The Good Cat Company, so come back often!


And, now a word about our staff

Each one of us is a rescue kitty and we all come from different and diverse backgrounds.

Our staff constantly has a paw in everything we do, from product design to shipping to customer service.  In fact, let us introduce you to the staff...


is our current CFO(chief feline officer) and he makes sure that everything is done correctly. From boxes that arrive at The Good Cat Company, to boxes that are shipped out, Baylor runs things with an iron paw.


is in charge of customer service. He makes sure that all of our customers are happy because happy humans bring treats and treats are very big in Skylar's world.


is in charge of looking for the best cat oriented products on the planet. With her paw carefully over the cursor on the computer screen, she guides her humans to the best cat items out there. Cici makes it her business to always be on trend.

Penelope Ann

is in charge of Product Design. Carefully, she grabs colored pencils and other design products so that she can create the most original items known to cat-kind.


is all about shipping. Whether it's trying out a box to see if an item fits or checking out the labels before purchases leave the office, Murphy is right there.  Murphy wants to make sure that you receive your package quickly and safely.

Zigfield "Ziggy" A. Kat

is all about promotion. Ziggy knows how to put the fun into online purchasing and he believes that everyday should be fantastic.


is our talkative intern here at The Good Cat Company. His hobbies include practicing his awesome skill of sliding down the banister, playing tag with his friend Baxter and testing out box capacity. His life's motto: "If I fits, I sits"


was raised by cats and is our head of security here at The Good Cat Company.  As a reward for his efforts, we offer dog inspired items so that Baxter and his canine buddies and their humans can have a place to shop. Baxter has plans of opening his own online store in the future and we will keep you posted on his paw-gress.