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Telescoping Wiggly Worm Cat Teaser Wand


Designed with your cat's natural hunting instinct in mind, the telescoping Wiggly Worm Cat Teaser Wand mimics "live" prey with its realistic, wiggly movements sure to drive your cat wild with a simple flick of your wrist!  

Ideal for cats who have a tendency to bite hands during play, The Wiggly Worm Cat Teaser Wand is a great way to play without accidental scratches!

Entice your cat to chase, jump, bat, tease, and "toy" with this Wiggly Worm, a wonderful way to encourage interactive play for you and your cat.

It's great exercise, too, for indoor cats or cats who don't get to run and play as much as they should.

The extendable Wiggly Worm Cat Teaser features a padded grip for your comfort, and a Wiggly Worm attachment, measuring 8" long; crafted from thick chenille with thin paper tassels and a jingly bell, combining sound and movement that your cat won't be able to resist.

The wiggle worm is easily replaced if the need arises with any other cat toy of your choosing. 


**Colors vary. We will pick one out for you.=^..^=

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