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Cutie Mouse Crinkle Feather Cat Toy

Cats love to hunt! Whether it is a favorite toy or a bottle cap, the act of finding, stalking and then grabbing a toy brings out their inner feline prey instincts.
 The staff here at The Good Cat Company have a Fierce Feline Hunting Club and I am proud to offer you one of their favorite toys for the hunt. 
This adorable mouse crinkle feather toy has everything a cat could as for!
Inside is a crinkle sound that cats just love. The arms of the mouse are long and great for chewing, catching and dragging and the feathers add a special bonus. I mean it's a "bird mouse". What could be better?
The different material textures work to mimic the feel of real prey; featuring soft fabric, felt, natural feathers, fluffy plume, rope, and ribbons to further satisfy your cat's hunting instincts. The crinkle sound inside mimics the sound of something rustling in the grass.
This wonderful toy measures 7.5" by 8.25" and comes in both white and gray.
Our staff of toy testers love this magnificent mouse and give it two paws up!

 When we first received this order of cat toys, the feline employees here at The Good Cat Company went bonkers trying to open the box!
Our cat "testers" say that these toys are incredi-purr and that every cat should have a least one or more in their toy stash!

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